Insulation Vacuum Hose Configurations: Options & Performance

The Cool Vac vacuums have a 6″ inlet and a 6″ outlet. This gives you great flexibility to customize a machine according to your needs and budget.

The larger the hose, the greater the performance

There is a misunderstanding about performance and vacuums. Often, people think that the larger the horsepower, the better the performance. That is not necessarily true. What impacts performance are two things: 1) blade size and; 2) hose size. Horsepower does allow you to muscle your way through damp materials and allows you to run without higher engine revving. Yet, the greatest option to get the most material vacuumed is due to the diameter of the hose.

Vacuum bag position

You can attach the vacuum bag directly to the vacuum. We do not recommend this. When vacuuming, you will pick up debris. Left over nails from the roofers and framers are the most common. When vacuuming a nail, it will shoot out the exit of the vacuum and will certainly tear through the vacuum bag. So, we recommend that you add a 25 foot section of hose to the exit and run it straight to the vacuum bag. This allows the nails (and whatever debris) to fall in velocity and prevents nail bullets from flying through your bag.

Here are three options, we recommend, for insulation removal hose configurations:


The 6″ inlet is reduced down to 100 feet of 4″ hose. The 6″ outlet has a 6″ hose running to the vacuum bag.

This includes:

A1 part6″ to 4″ inlet reducer
B2 sections4″ Mark II 50 foot hose
C1 part4″ Steel hose reducer
D1 section6″ Flex 25 foot hose





This is our most popular set-up. It takes advantage of the larger 6″ hose diameter for great performance, yet reduces down to 4″ so the operator can easily handle the hose in the attic. Again, a 25 foot section of 6″ hose is used for the exit into the vacuum bag.

This includes:

A1 part6″ to 4″ inline reducer
B1 section4″ Mark II 50 foot hose
C1 part6″ steel connector
D3 sections6″ Flex hose





For the most performance, this all 6″ configuration offers the best vacuuming performance. You can expect nearly 30% more production than the two above packages.

This includes:

C3 parts6″ steel hose connectors
D5 sections6″ Flex vacuum hose