CM 2400 Insulation Blowers

CM 2400 Insulation Blowers



The CM 2400 insulation machine is a perfect solution for contractors who need the flexibility to perform small jobs and commercial applications. With 3600 lbs 120 bags per hour you will have greater production rate way forward to your success. Hence it also require very little power on production circle. With its simple design specs and compressed maintenance capabilities the machine gives you an edge towards production rate.

What they are saying about the CM2400

  • ... Absolutely Love It

    I bought a CM2400 about 8 months ago and absolutely love it. We have blown nearly 5000 bags of insulation with that machine and it has performed perfectly. The machine is well constructed and powerful and with the black paint and flames it looks, well, cool Also, Barry, you have been wonderful to work with, keep up the good work.

    Matt Harvey
    Quality Handyman Services, LLC (Lakeport, Michigan)
  • ... Quietest Insulation Machine

    This is the quietest insulation machine I have ever heard. For the size of my pole barn (2,500 square feet insulated to R-38 in less than one hour). I was amazed at how quickly this machine finished the job.

    Frank Justice
    Justice Custom Builders, Goodrich, MI
  • ... Replacing All My Machines

    I love this machine! I am going to sell all 6 of my (another brand) and replace them with the CM2400!

    Washington State Insulation Company
  • ... Works Exactly As Described

    The CM2400 works EXACTLY as described! Barry has been very attentive and knowledgeable in setting up our CM2400 for wall spray. He follows up immediately and we appreciate it.

  • ... We Love Our CM2400

    I just wanted to let you know how much we love our 2400, a year in. It is so fast, and does wall jobs really well, quiet, it is just awesome. We love it-compared to a stinkin [another brand], it’s not even remotely close


On-Site Review & Testimonial

In South Carolina, This customer uses a CM2400 for attic, dense packing and wall spray.

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CM2400: Fireproofing Cellulose Adapted

A customer in Mexico needed a fireproofing machine to apply cellulose to industrial boiler systems.

On-Site in North Carolina

This HVAC company insulates with a CM2400 and internal wetting system

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Walkthrough of a CM2400

Positive Displacement Blower A Positive Displacement blower, aka Roots, provides a consistent, powerful stream.

Upgrading Your Older CM2400

CM2400s now come with an airlock gauge. Before 2010, they lacked an airlock gauge. This video shows how to add one.

The CM2400 Is Simple to Maintain

This video shows a neglected CM2400 being serviced. Even with the abuse, this machine still works well and required only minimal maintenance.

CM 2400 specifications


Airlock Options

  • 12 long and 12 diameter
  • 16 long by 12 diameter

Blower Options and Power Requirements

  • Standard: Two Blower (120 volt): Requires double input 20 amp input
  • Standard: Two Blower (240 volt): Requires single input 30 amp
  • Upgrade: Four Blower (240volt) : Requires single 50 amp input
  • Premium: 5 horsepower Positive Displacement blower: Requires 240 volt/50 amp input

Generator Size

  • For 2-blower: 7,500 watt
  • For 4-blower: 15,000 watt
  • For 5 h.p P.D blower: 15,000 watt

Weight and Hopper capacity

  • 720 lbs
  • Main Hopper: 15 cu./ft. (3 bags cellulose or 1/2 bag fiberglass)
  • Hopper Extension: 30 cu/ft (6 bags cellulose) with up to 40 cu/ft. custom-made (8 bags cellulose or 1.5 bag fiberglass).


Optimized to fit in your truck or trailer. The narrow width allows for generous working and loading space. 58″ long x 22″ wide x 48″ high

Standard Features and Benefits

  • 150 ft. remote cord w/cord hanger, offers convenient handling of remote device.
  • Slow speed positive feed scalping augers extend component life while increasing safety.
  • Two integrally mounted 3 stage blowers w/check valve protection outside air and reduced filter maintenance. (optional four blower or P.D. blower)
  • Modular design with see-thru access panels for quick troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • #50 roller chain and hardened sprockets are rugged, corrosion resistant and positive driving.
  • High quality powder coating provides a long lasting corrosion resistant finish.
  • Stainless slide gate control provides precise control of fiber.
  • Up to 40 cu./ft. hopper capacity fiber storage.
  • High torque (1250 in./lb.) motor/reducer drive provides surplus power
  • High speed stainless shredder maximizes fiber conditioning coverage and production.
  • Large 12 x 12  and 12 x 16 quick release airlock is a durable easily serviced component.

Safety Features

Safety has been an all time issue for insulation machines for contractors. CM 2400 gives you latest tools and features to make safer production. Below you will find few of it’s safety features:

  • Safety Features: kill switch and manual controls promote increased operator safety and quick hazard response.
  • Manual thermal overload protection of all motors and electrical components.
  • Deluxe voltmeter for quick electrical diagnostics.

Standard CM 2400 Production Rates (12"x12" airlock)

Material: Different materials may produce varying results.
Lbs p/hour: Based on industry-wide standards of 100' hose with 12' rise
Bags p/hr: Standard bags (lbs noted by material)
Sq Ft p/hour: Based on R-19 depth
MaterialLbs p/hrBags p/hrSq ft p/hr
Cellulose (22 lb bag)30001366,840
Fiberglass (32 lb bag)1000283,500
Rockwool (30 lb bag)1800602,250

Upgraded CM 2400 Production Rates (16"x12" airlock)

Material: Different materials may produce varying results.
Lbs p/hour: Based on industry-wide standards of 100' hose with 12' rise
Bags p/hr: Standard bags (lbs noted by material)
Sq Ft p/hour: Based on R-19 depth
MaterialLbs p/hrBags p/hrSq ft p/hr
Cellulose (22 lb bag)36001638,208
Fiberglass (32 lb bag)1400445,444
Rockwool (30 lb bag)2000672550


product-wireless-remote_thumb6WIRELESS REMOTE
Even though our machines come standard with a 150 3 way remote. If you want the instantaneous control of your machine with over 500 of remote control this wireless unit performs well. The Falcon Pro 3-button transmitter.

double-blower_thumbADDITIONAL BLOWERS
The CM2400 comes with two blowers standard. Add up to two more blowers for a total of four.

Instead of multiple blowers you can upgrade the CM2400 with a 5 horse power blower Known to have life spans of 10 years, this blower/pump does not lose air around the fan blades. This provides a substantial air boost.

You can double the hopper capacity (depending on trailer/truck height) with an extension. Go from 15 cubic feet with option to go up to 40 cubic feet.Increases hopper capacity for 8 bags of cellulose or 1.5 bags of fiberglass.

internal-wetting-system_thumb2INTERNAL WETTING SYSTEM
This system reduces the cloud effect when blowing cellulose into an attic or open area. It leaves a thin crust on the cellulose which stabilizes it in the attic area. This works off a standard garden hose or will incorporate into a portable water system.

water-tank-copy_thumb1WALL SPRAY & GLUE SYSTEMS
The CM2400 is very capable of wall and glue spray Components include hoses spray nozzles pump, water tank and wall scrubber.

densepacking-copy_thumb2DENSE PACKING OPTIONS
We carry all the hoses, reducers and wall tubing for you to go from the 3 hose to 2/1.5/1.25 and even a brick nozzle.

hose-reels_thumb1HOSE REELS
Our standard 34 wall mounted hose reel holds up to 150 of 3 hose or 200 of 2 1/2 hose.