Wall Spray Machines

Wall spray cellulose provides a solid, dense, well packed cavity. Installing wall spray requires practice and a technique that, when mastered, will make a company profitable. Our machines provide the consistency and balance between dry and wet material.

A Variety of Options for Wall Spray Equipment

Option 1: Manually Recycle Wet Material with CM1500 (double-blower), CM2400, CM3500

5-gallon-bucketMany contractors save money by returning the damp material back to their machines with the old fashioned shovel and bucket approach. Nearly all of our machines are capable of wall spray. Below are a description on how our machines work with the manual recycling option.

  • CM1500 (Double Blower): Our smallest machine capable of wall spray is the CM1500 with an additional blower. The extra blower provides the additional blowing power for wet material. The portability of this machine can decrease your manual labor. You can move the machine closer to where the material is being installed. Both dry and wet material are manually blended in the hopper.
  • CM2400: The standard CM2400 has all of the necessary blowing power to handle wall spray. Since it is a heavy machine, it is typically mounted in a truck or trailer. We do have wheel packages if you are able to off load a machine weighing 750 pounds. The larger hopper allows for more material to be recycled, minimizing the trips back and forth to the machine. We also have a hopper extension that allows for even more material. Again the wet and dry material are manually blended.
  • CM3500: This machine has a dived two hoppers one for the wet and one for the damp. This machine makes very easy work for manually recycling and blending the material. There is no manual stirring needed to blend the wet and dry. Simply load the smaller hopper with the wet material and open the material gate to your preferred setting to control the amount of wet being incorporated with the dry.


Option 2: CM700 Recycler or CM1500 Recycler: Satellite unit

The next, more convenient operation is to manually return the scrubbed material to a machine dedicated to your moist, recycled material. This machine can be easily located near the sprayer and scrubber. This requires a standard garbage can, filled with the recycling material and dumped into the recycler. The beauty of this set-up is that it will work with other insulation machines. You do get fully integrated wireless when both units are Cool Machines. However, you can use any machine for the dry material.This daisy-chain approach is convenient and keeps costs down. PLUS, the recycler can be used as a stand-alone attic machine.


Option 3: Integrated Recycling with Standard Insulation Vacuum (Phoenix-style)

One of our customers wanted a standard insulation vacuum that they could use separate from the machine. They also wanted to have the vacuum incorporated into the CM3500 to allow for automatic recycling. Here is a link to a video as we were training the company in Phoenix, AZ


Option 4: Integrated Recycling with our proprietary vacuum

cm4500-vac-pakOur CM3500 and CM4500 machines contain all of the bells and whistles which make it a very productive, fool proof machine for spray and recycling.

Training for Wall Spray

We provide on-site training for wall spray. The process is not difficult, but having an on-site training session can save some frustration and make you more efficient.

How to do Wall Spray