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You have found the FINEST insulation blowing machines, blowers and vacuums BELOW manufacturer pricing AND Free Shipping! From small portable units to truck-mounted insulation blowers new and used machines, you will find them here! Now offering tools and products making this the best “one-stop-shop” on the internet! We are experienced insulation contractors and trainers.

New Insulation Machines & Equipment by Dave Krendl of Cool Machines

CM700: As Portable as It Gets!

Made with a contractor and Do-It-Yourselfer in mind! Available in two models – Standard and Deluxe

CM1500: Where Portability and Production Matter!

A portable machine with enough power to make the small contractor efficient!

CM2400: The Contractor's Favorite!

With output that completes multiple jobs day in and day out!

CM-3500: Heavy-Duty Workhorse

For the commercial contractor who needs top production!

CM4500: The Last Machine You Will Ever Need!

Designed for wet/damp spray installation, this machine gives the ultimate in production and efficiency.

Used Equipment

Single Machines to Truck systems!

CoolVac 11

Perfect entry-level machine without sacrificing production.

CoolVac 16

16 Horsepower, 20″ diameter blade vacuum. Briggs & Stratton Vanguard

CoolVac 23

23 Horsepower, 20″ diameter blade vacuum

These machines have revolutionized the insulation machine market! With over 30 years of experience using various machines, we find that the Cool Machine brand of insulation blowers is the best choice. Why?

  • Price point: A contractor can enter the insulation trade with a machine that can easily pay itself back in two-three jobs.
  • Strong engineering: Dave Krendl brings many years of engineering experience, specifically in the insulation machine industry. His innovative machines capitalize on the strengths and efficiency demanded by insulation installers.
  • Innovative Insulation Machines: When Cool Machines entered the market, they brought with them decades of engineering experience, specifically related to the insulation machine market. Here is a quick look at their innovations:
    • Cool introduced scalping augers to eliminate troublesome bridging issues.
    • Cool introduced the vac saver to prevent foreign objects from damaging the vacuums.
    • Cool raised the “bar” by powder-coating all metal items and using a heavier gauge of steel without raising weight.
    • Cool developed an insulation blower that was recognized by the industry and others mimicked the styling.
    • Cool improved on the vacuums by making thicker, more durable fans, haldox-lined vacuum chambers and forward curved tips to prevent vacuum blockages.
    • Cool realized that it is difficult and expensive to send your machine back for service. So, they made a machine that is based on non-proprietary parts which can be replaced with a minimal tool box and serviced even out in “the field.”
    • Cool separated the gearbox from the motor for low cost replacement of individual modules.


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