CoolVac Electric Insulation Removal Vacuums

CoolVac Electric Insulation Vacuum
CoolVac Electric Insulation Vacuum

Contractors often find vacuuming needs within a building. Large commercial, industrial and residences need the unit inside their building.

The CoolVac electric vacuums allow the flexibility of working inside because they do not use gas engines.

How do the electric vacuums compare to their gas equivalents?

We offer two horsepower options – 5 and 10. To compare the power to a gas vacuum, just double the number. You need just half the horsepower of a gas engine.

5HP Electric Vacuum (comparable to 11hp gas vacuum)

  • 5 h.p. 3-phase motor with AC variable speed drive to convert 240 volt single phase to 240 volt 3 phase.
  • 240 volt 1 phase 30 amp
  • 10K generator can be used to power this unit

10HP Electric Vacuum (comparable to 23hp gas vacuum)

  • Power requirements: 480 volt 30 amp 3 phase