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Cool Vac Vacuum Saver

Cool’s ‘Vac-Saver’ [patent pending]

Protect your vacuum and yourself with this innovative insulation vacuum saver!

Innovation, leading the industry again, with another ‘FIRST’!


If you have ever removed insulation, you know the hazards associated with it. All kinds of foreign objects reside in the attic envelope. You will vacuum nails, building materials and even parts of bricks. These objects will go through your vacuum. Though we have testimonials of half bricks flying through our machines with no damage, that is certainly not what you want!

VacSaver "Economy"

Our x-large vacuum saver for 23 horsepower and daisy-chained vacuums
This larger version of the vacuum saver is for the Cool Vac 23 and whenever you gang more than one vacuum to another. Comes with wheels, standard.

VacSaver "Deluxe"