Cool Vac Vacuum Saver

Cool’s ‘Vac-Saver’ [patent pending]

Protect your vacuum and yourself with this innovative insulation vacuum saver!

Innovation, leading the industry again, with another ‘FIRST’!

If you have ever removed insulation, you know the hazards associated with it. All kinds of foreign objects reside in the attic envelope. You will vacuum nails, building materials and even parts of bricks. These objects will go through your vacuum. Though we have testimonials of half bricks flying through our machines with no damage, that is certainly not what you want!

X-Large Vacuum Saver

Our x-large vacuum saver for 23 horsepower and daisy-chained vacuums. This larger version of the vacuum saver is for the Cool Vac 23 and whenever you gang more than one vacuum to another. Comes with wheels, standard.

Protect Your Insulation Vacuum!

Cool Machines has developed a “deflecting particle accelerator.” This will separate and remove 99% of solid objects from your vacuum stream BEFORE it reaches the machine. You will not lose vacuum performance!

Damage from abuse is not covered under warranty. So, protect your machine from shock and damage. The debris still runs through your vacuum. Over time, your engine takes a beating and can shorten bearing and engine life. If you are recycling wall spray, these objects can cause your machine to lock-up and damage the airlock seals.

The cost of this Vacuum Saver module can pay for itself the first time you damage the impeller blade or chamber.

Protect Your Employees

Until now, all we could recommend is that you add 25′ of hose to the exit of the machine so that these objects do not rip through the vacuum bags.  Nails are shot through these machines and can create quite a nuisance.

About the Insulation Vacuum Saver

This is the size of a small suitcase. (weighs approx. 80 lbs.) This is a ‘must’ for any insulation removal operation!!