“Master Distributor” for Cool Machines: What is in a Name?

There is a Distributor and there is a Master Distributor. As a Master Distributor, we bring a full-working knowledge of the Cool Machine brand. Here are the requirements that Cool Machines has for branding us as a Master Distributor.

What Cool Machines Requires for a Master Distributor

  • Offers Cool Machines products ‘exclusively.’
  • High volume distributor passing discounts to customers.
  • Offers support and service to Cool Machine’s customers.
  • Offers in-field service and training to customers.

As a Master Distributor, we further offer the following:

  • 24/7 technical help
  • One call, One person: You will not have to dial an extension or wait for an operator to transfer you. You get direct access to help. On those occasions where we are not immediately available, we will return your call as soon as we are done explaining the awesome Cool Machine brand to another customer 😀
  • Help, even if you are not our direct customer! If you own a Cool Machine and are not able to find help, call us! It is our goal to represent Cool Machines as a great “hands-on” company as possible!