Extensible Insulation Machines for the Start-Up Contractor

What machine do I need? When making a purchase as a start-up company, you are faced with a balance of getting the right machine without sacrificing future growth. You are in the business to grow your company, but overbuying a machine can set you back so much that you don’t have capital to market your business. On the other hand, you don’t want such a small machine that you risk losing a profitable, commercial job.

Our contractor-level machine packages run $5,500 to $32,000. While this article cannot provide a perfect answer for every start-up contractor, we believe that this will provide a good starting-point for helping you make a wise decision for your company.

So, what are the right questions to ask? Here are some basic ones:

  • How much machine do I really need?
  • What insulation methods can I build a niche market in my location?

How much machine do I really need?

This question is answered by determining whether you are marketing for residential or commercial work. This will separate your choices rather quickly. Residential properties often require portability and do not have sprawling square feet. So, we recommend the CM1500 for residential work. For example, if you plan to insulate 2,000 sq ft homes, then this machine will be very capable, day-in and day-out. Its production will keep you profitable and a turn-key package will be less than $6,000. If you get an occasional apartment/condominium project, don’t be afraid to use this machine. It will do well.

The commercial-bound contractor should really consider the CM2400. When you have multiple apartment complexes, you need a machine with greater production rates and a larger hopper. You can get a turn-key package for less than $10,000.

What insulation methods can I build a niche market in my location?

If you are looking to offer a variety of materials and methods, both the CM1500 and CM2400 give you that flexibility. You are able to do attic fills, dense packing, wall-spray cellulose, glue spray. Whether you do residential or commercial work, you are set with these machines.