Krendl 575 compared to CM1500HP Insulation Machine

The Cool Machine CM1500hp (high performance) out-produces other machines in its class. Comparing this with the Krendl 575, there are many reasons why the CM1500hp excels.

Illustration of the trip hazard posed by the Krendl 575
Illustration of the trip hazard posed by the Krendl 575

The Krendl 575 poses a trip hazard. The loader of the machine needs to straddle the blowing hose as he loads it. The CM1500hp is designed so that the hose is out of the way and exits the back of the trailer/truck.

CM1500HPKrendl 575
Power Requirements20 amp / 15 amp input 120v30 amp / 15 amp input 120v
Blower Sizeequal_thumb.png2 - 13.7 amp 140cfmequal_thumb.png2 - 13.7 amp 140cfm
Airlock Sizeequal_thumb.png18" x 10" 1414 cu inequal_thumb.png14" x 10" 1099 cu in
Airlock Pressureequal_thumb.png4.5 psiequal_thumb.png4.5 psi
Cellulose per/hourup_thumb.png3000 lbsdown_thumb.png2600 lbs
Fiberglass per/hourup_thumb.png1200 lbsdown_thumb.png800 lbs
Hopper Sizedown_thumb.png13.5 cu ft14 cu ft
Quick release airlock accessyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Quick release agitator accessyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Regreasable bearingsyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Built-in pressure gaugeyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Scalping Augersyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Powder coated rust resistantequal_thumb.pngequal_thumb.png
Weight of machine380 lbs380 lbs

Here is a detailed description of the benefits of owning a CM1500hp.

Description of CM-1500hp Features:

Compact and Robust: size to power ratio provides a high capacity and high production machine with low power requirements, while conserving valuable space in your vehicle.

Powder Coated Metal: Powder coating provides a high quality, long lasting finish exhibiting professionalism to your customers.

Check Valve Blower Protection: Protects blowers from back-flow of fibers into the blowers causing long term damage.

Tool Holder: Convenient storage location for tools and diagnostic equipment specific to this machine.

Hour Meter: Records total run hours on the agitator motor airlock for maintenance intervals.

Voltmeter: monitoring of correct voltage to agitator motor to prevent long term damage.

Pressure Gauge: Used to calibrate pressure for dense-packing sidewalls and diagnose condition of airlock seals.

Ergonomic/Safe Loading Design: Output hose does not interfere and create ‘trip’ hazard when loading fibers into hopper.

Re-Lube Bearings: heavy duty, triple sealed, ‘cast iron’ bearings allow re-greasing to provide endless life to bearings and eliminate maintenance.

‘Self’-Locking Loading Tray: allows quick opening and closing of loading tray without additional task of latching in closed position.

Quick Release Hopper: Quick release flip latches allow rapid removal of hopper for access to base unit for

Quick Release Agitator: Quick release of ‘scalping auger’ for convenient access to airlock seal replacement.

Modular Control Panel: Quick release panel box with plug-in connections for easy removal (for supplier exchange) and direct power diagnostics to motors.

Front Panel Reset Overloads: Easy access to re-set thermal overload protection to all motors and protected
electrical components.

L.E.D. Plugs/Self Diagnostics: Easy diagnostics to confirm power to motors.

Heavy Duty #16 Gauge Remote Cord: Heavy gauge wire conductor with double thick protective jacket provides durability to a component exposed to extreme wear and abuse.

Scalping Augers: Cool Machines proprietary technology providing enhanced fiber conditioning and positive feeding to airlock with no fiber bridging in hopper.

Wheel Package: Allows convenient transport of machine between vehicles and job-site.

Blower Filter Cover: Reduces blower filter maintenance