Comparison CM1500 vs Krendl 475

The Cool Machine 1500 is an excellent machine choice for a contractor who needs a portable, yet productive machine. The CM1500 soundly excels and surpasses other machines in its class. Consider the following comparisons between the CM1500 and Krendl 475.

Comparison of Specifications and Features



Krendl 475
Airlock Sizeup_thumb.png10" x 14"down_thumb.png10" x 12"
Airlock Pressureup_thumb.png4 psidown_thumb.png3.5 psi
Blowerequal_thumb.png140 CFMequal_thumb.png140 CFM
Cellulose lbs/hrup_thumb.png2200 lbsdown_thumb.png2100 lbs
Fiberglassup_thumb.png900 lbsdown_thumb.png700 lbs
Hopper Sizeup_thumb.png13.5 cu/ftdown_thumb.png12.5 cu/ft
Weightdown_thumb.png330 lbsup_thumb.png322 lbs
‘Quick-release’ hopper for maintenanceyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
‘Quick-release’ agitator for airlock accessyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Re-greasable, heavy duty cast iron bearingsyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Double blower option for spray applications & extended rangeyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Separate gearbox /C-face motor for lower cost replacement of each componentyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
High quality industrial grade powder coating to resist corrosionyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Check valve protection of blowersyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Built-in pressure gauge for calibrating blower pressure & checking airlock sealsyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
L.E.D. plugs and receptacles for quick electrical diagnosticsyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
All thermal overloads, external manual resetsyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Remote panel bypass for direct power input to motors on jobsiteyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Hands free, self-locking loading trayyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
‘Scalping’ auger w shredder f/ increased coverage and small hose dense packingyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Ergonomic design to prevent trip hazard from hose when loading hopperyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png