Krendl 2300 compared to CM2400

CM2400: 16" airlock upgrade with hopper extensionKrendl 2300
cm2400 extensionkrendl-2300-Machine
Blower Sizeequal_thumb.png13.7 ampequal_thumb.png13.7 amp
Airlock Sizeequal_thumb.png12" x 16"equal_thumb.png12" x 16"
Airlock Pressureequal_thumb.png5 psiequal_thumb.png5 psi
Cellulose per/hourup_thumb.png3600 lbsdown_thumb.png3000 lbs
Fiberglass per/hourup_thumb.png1400 lbsdown_thumb.png1000 lbs
Hopper Sizeequal_thumb.pngup to 40 cu ftequal_thumb.png40 cu ft
Quick release airlock accessyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Quick release agitator accessyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Regreasable bearingsyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Positive Displacement Blower optionyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Built-in pressure gaugeyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Scalping Augersyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Powder coated rust resistantyes_thumb.pngno_thumb.png
Weight of machine720 lbs846 lbs

Maintenance: When something goes wrong with a machine, you will want the capabilities to fix it on site with minimal down-time. The CM2400 (like all of our machines) are designed to be fixed on-site with very minimal mechanical know how. Within minutes a blower, auguer and airlock seals can be changed on these machines. We have virtually eliminated the need for shipping your machine to a service center for repairs. You can purchase parts directly from us or Grainger as standard blowers and motors are used.

Production: Different materials may produce varying results. Based on industry-wide standards of 100’ hose with 10’ rise


Overview of CM2400

The Technological Advantage of a CM2400