Used CM3500 – 20″ airlock


Cool 3500 with 20” airlock, (about 9 years old) (4000 lbs/hr cellulose)  5hp PD Blower, 50 Amp 240 volt Input

4″ Hose Output

NEW PRICE = $16,411

USED PRICE $10,500 With 90 day warranty. (Shipping not included)

CM 3500XL Production Rates

Material: Different materials may produce varying results.
Lbs p/hour: Based on industry-wide standards of 100' hose with 12' rise
Bags p/hr: Standard bags (lbs noted by material)
Sq Ft p/hour: Based on R-19 depth
MaterialLbs p/hrBags p/hrSq ft p/hr
Cellulose (22 lb bag)4500204
Fiberglass (32 lb bag)180056
Rockwool (30 lb bag)220073
Wall Spray Cellulose40 bags/hour