Hose Reels for Insulation Blowing Machines and Insulation Removal Vacuums

Hose Reels keep your blowing and vacuuming hose safe and convenient. Here is why you should consider a hose reel along with your purchase of a blowing machine or removal vacuum:

  • Eliminates pinched hose. When the hose gets pinched, it creates a nuisance trouble spot. From that time forward, the hose will be prone to kinking.
  • Saves time in various ways.
    • Keeping your hose kink-free will save production time. I have witnessed bad blockages shutting down the operation for at least 20 minutes while people cut sections of hose apart.
    • When you throw your hose, loose, into the back of a truck or trailer, material will end up falling on the hose, crushing it and making it difficult to remove. A hose reel eliminates this hazard and keeps your hose safe and quickly accessible.
  • Saves money. Not only will you save money with less production shutdowns, your hose will last much longer when it is stored on a reel. Hose is not that expensive, but when you can get at least three times of the life from your hose, the investment in the hose reel makes good financial sense.
  • Keeps your hose clean. You need to take your hose into houses. When stored on a reel, the hose is kept off the ground and away from the debris on the floor of  your trailer or truck.
  • Organization maximizes space. A common complaint among those who do not have a hose reel is that they do not want to lose room in their trailer. The hose will take up space whether it is on a reel or not. As you can see above, the benefits offset the wrong idea that space is lost.

Quality of our hose reels

Our hose reels are manufactured by Cool Machines. They are lightweight, powder-coated and will last a lifetime. They come in various dimensions and are available as divided reels.

To install the wall mounts, we recommend you install a sheet of 5/8″ plywood to the inside of your trailer and then install the mount to that.

How big of a hose reel do you need?

In the descriptions below, you will find capacity measurements. Also at the bottom of this article is a calculator which will help you determine the size of reel you need.

hose reel blower machine insulation vacuum
Our 34″ and 48″ hose reels come in either wall mount or floor mount options.

34inch-mounted-to-wall34″ Hose Reel

Available as a Wall Mount, floor mount or floor with caster wheels.


  • 200 feet of 2.5″ hose
  • 150 feet of 3″ hose
  • 100 feet of 4″ hose


Dual Hose option to carry air or water line hose
Dual Hose option to carry air or water line hose. Built to order. Call for current pricing.

48″ Hose Reel

Available as a wall mount or floor mount with optional caster wheels


  • 250 feet of 3″ hose
  • 150 feet of 4″ hose

90 inch hose reel cool machines
90 inch hose reel we call the “Beast”

90″ BEAST!

90 inch "Beast" dual reels.
90 inch “Beast” dual reels. Built to order. Call for current pricing.

These images are not showing proportional dimensions. If we were, this thing with take up your entire viewing field!

Wall mount only.


Single reel

300 feet of 4″ hose

125 feet of 6″ hose

Double reel

110 feet of 4″ hose and 150 feet of 3″ hose

The “Beast” is also available as a double reel option.

Live Hose Reel

The live hose reel saves time by allowing you to keep the hose attached to the machine and pulling out only the amount of hose you need. The insulation flows into the center of the reel where it enters the hose. This is a Cool Machine innovation!

  • Available in any size
  • Wall mount or floor mount with wheels options
Side view showing hose connection
Side view showing hose connection


Rotated view of live hose reel. Floor model shown with optional wheel package
Rotated view of live hose reel. Floor model shown with optional wheel package

Hose Reel Dimension Calculator

  • Enter information about the hose

  • Calculation Results are Below

  • If this figure is 4" greater than the diameter of hose reel we offer above, then you will need the next size larger.