Tyvek AND Insulation – Combined to Make a Superior Housewrap

Dupont has been at the forefront of housewraps for decades. Tyvek is a permeable wrap that prevents moisture from entering into walls. At the same time, Tyvek allows moisture-laden vapors to escape. This has so revolutionized the weatherization of a building the now most local building codes require at least some use of Tyvek.

Now Dupont has introduced Tyvek with a R-5 fiberglass batt. This is installed the same way as the typical wraps. Cutting the material will require a sturdy utility knife.

What about compressing the fiberglass? Will that not reduce R-values? While it is true that compressing fiberglass can degrade the R-value, right now the product is efficient for use under typical sidings. In the near future, another variation of this insulating house wrap will include battens for use under sidings that require a more stable base (e.g., fiber cement, wood lap siding, stucco)

See your local Tyvek distributor for more information. This product is being rolled-out to part of the US this year. No pun intended. Well… maybe 😀