Gas and Insulation Machines Don’t Mix Well!

An insulation truck is filled with highly flammable items. So, why would you want to use gasoline to fill your machine? Gas and insulation machines do not mix well!

Today, an insulation truck burned up because a worker was refueling a compressor. It is NEVER a good idea to have a gas-based engine being refueled with a gas can inside a truck.

How to Prevent Insulation Machine Fires!

  • Consider an electric machine. Gas-based machines are prone to fires and there are many incidents. Consider using electric machines instead of gas.
  • Keep gas separate from the material. Whenever you use a gas-powered unit, make sure that you create a separation from the gas and material. Cool Machines offers slides to give you exterior access to a generator or compressor. These slides prevent a build up of flammable material on the generator and also separate the generator from the main compartment of the truck. See the generator slide below.
  • Use a non-spill gas container. No matter how careful you (or your employees are) you cannot avoid spilling gas. See Amazon for a great product.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher within reach! There is usually no need for the entire loss of a truck if fire extinguishers are readily available. Keep them available and have them inspected. I remember, as a kid, watching one of the owners of our company catch on fire while priming the carburetor. I found the extinguisher on the floor board of the truck covered by tools and junk. I quickly grabbed it and went to spray him down. It was empty! Luckily he found a pile of sand and only received first degree burns.
generator slide
Wide-style generator slider
Generator Slider Door
Access door for wide-style generator