K-13 Cellulose with CM1500 insulation blowing machine

K-13 is a specialized cellulose material that is sprayed on with glue. This cellulose provides…

  • R-Value, insulating properties and thermal barrier
  • Noise reduction which gives buildings a better acoustical environment
  • Controls condensation
  • Gives a pleasing, aesthetic look. K-13 comes in a wide variety of colors to help match the architecture.
  • Gives fire resistive properties to a building. It is not considered fire-proofing, but does have good fire-rating properties.

One of our K-13 customers sprays a layer of polyurethane foam, then covers it with a few inches of K-13. In the video below, a large commercial building is being finished with a layer of K-13. This company sprays large commercial projects including buildings like this one and airports.

The machine is our portable, CM1500 with an additional blower to provide the necessary volume of air. The CM1500 is a great machine for K-13. Here’s why:

  • Our proprietary scalping-auger and shredder condition the material into a consistent, smooth blow. Spurts of material are not acceptable when spraying K-13 as the cellulose will be visible. Our machines eliminate the spurts common in many insulation blowers on the market.
  • The portability of this machine makes it possible to keep the material close so that the loader and operator have excellent communication.

Our CM2400 is another great machine for this kind of application. We have a three-way adjustment on the gears to provide fine-tuning for the various cellulose products on the market.