Leading the Insulation Blower Industry: Imitated but Not Matched

1500sillhouetteOur machines (Cool Machines) lead the insulation blower market. How do we know this? Other manufacturers are mimicking our look. They say that “imitation is a form of flattery.” While we are flattered, the genius of our machines lies in more than their appearance. Here is why our machines are setting the bench mark for the insulation blower industry:

  • Engineering: The engineers, Dave Krendl and Andy Shulte, bring decades of insulation blower technology to the market. They are hands-on engineers that have pioneered in the cellulose wall spray industry.
  • Performance: Our machines have a proprietary scalping auger system that revolutionized the blower market. Gone are the long arm paddles that fling material. Our system is designed to condition the material. We are not interested in developing machines that simply throw material around in the hopper. That creates bridging, spurts and lower performance. With our scalping auger system, these issues are eliminated. The Cool Machine brand provides a consistent, well-conditioned blow that maximizes material coverage.
  • Durability: Higher gauge steel, power-coating, agricultural-grade agitator motors and high-grade chains make the Cool Machine brand stand apart from the competition.
  • Airlock: The extruded metal airlocks are perfect cylinders. The airlock components are exact so you get longer life from the airlock seals. With our rhino-hide seals, you will get hundreds of hours of life no matter the weather conditions.

While there are imitators on the market, the insulation machine industry is following our lead. However, field testing shows that our genuine production rates and durability leave the Cool Machine brand unmatched.