Daisy chaining (ganging together) multiple insulation vacuums for extreme performance

Some insulation vacuuming jobs require extreme lengths of hose. Insulation vacuums, no matter the manufacturer, can really perform best when they are within a 100 foot to 150 foot range. You are not always given this luxury of length.

Here are some real-life situations:

  • Gas vacuums must remain outside a building to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. We have customers who vacuum debris from furnaces inside large buildings. Yes, we have electric-based vacuums, but they also use gas vacuums to go 300 feet from outside the building to the furnace location.
  • Homes built on stilts along the Gulf of Mexico. It is code to build your home on 10 foot high stilts. It can require up to 100 feet of hose in some of those situations to just reach the attic access. Ganging two vacuums, in-line offers substantially more length opportunities.
  • Sometimes you will have a finicky customer who wants all equipment to reach from the street or driveway. They do not want you to set up in the grass of their front yard.

Here is an excellent solution to reaching long distances with insulation vacuums

You may gang together the same horsepower or different horsepower vacuums. It does not matter.

Note well: If you use a smaller horsepower vacuum with a greater horsepower vacuum, always place the smaller unit in front of the larger unit.


insulation vacuum daisy chain