Training on CM1500 with Attic Blown-in Fiberglass

This on-site training involved more than shown in the video below. In November 2011, we flew to Phoenix, AZ to train Orangutan Home Services in properly adding additional attic insulation.

This rather new home needed another 6” of insulation. On inspection of the attic, we found some spots where that the existing blown material was being blown away from the top plate from the soffit vents. We installed DuroVents and used fiberglass batt to stop air flow from blowing loose material away from the top plate.

Access holes lose energy unless they are properly insulated. We demonstrated how to prep an access hole to both prevent attic material from falling back into the house and to properly seal from energy loss.

Finally, we added 6” of blown fiberglass to the existing insulation.

[vimeo id=”42210240″ align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]