When Your Insulation Machine Slows Down Production Rates

All machines, no matter what brand, will start to degrade in performance over time. Things wear out. The production performance happens so gradually that you may not even notice. So, how do you prevent a decline in production and keep your machine running efficiently?

Signs that your machine is slowing down in production.

  • Your loader notices that it takes longer for the hopper to empty.
  • You notice that you are sitting in the attic longer than you used to.
  • Air is blowing back up into the hopper.
  • The insulation no longer has that same throwing distance as it exits the hose in the attic.
  • When cupping the end of the hose and dialing up the blower, you are unable to reach at least 3.0 PSI.

What causes your insulation machine to lose its original production?

  • The biggest influence is the airlock seals. If they are not sealing correctly, they will be allowing air to blow back into the hopper area, thus blowing the fiber back out of the airlock. This will make the fiber look like it’s bridging. Expect to change these every 6-8 months with machines used daily.
  • If your machine is two years old or older, and goes through continual use, you may need to replace the blower motor.
  • Did you change insulation brands? Insulation companies change their products from time-to-time. This means their products often become manufactured in various ways. Products, like fiberglass, have short and long fibers given the manufacturer’s process. Cellulose can be compacted tighter than before to save manufacturers on shipping costs.

CM1500 Specific

  • Check the condition of the rubber wipers. They help eliminate any bridging in hopper.
  • The last condition affected by fiberglass with long fiber length, will cause the fiber to wrap around the auger shaft. Especially in the blade area over the airlock. This build-up of fibers can obstruct the free-flow of fibers into the airlock drop area. (Note: we have encountered this problem with about a 1/3 of the products out there.)