Keeping Dust Out of Your Insulation Machine

Insulation is rated as a top “dirty job.” Cellulose is one of the dirtiest materials to install. It creates a high volume of dust and needs to be controlled in the working environment.

All of our machines are equipped with solid filtration and filter covers, ready to help you manage dust in your trailer or truck. Two of our customers have finished off the filtration so that their CM2400s can breathe clean air through the floor of their trucks…. and BOTH of their names is Steve 😀

Solution 1: Steve Maki with Accurate Insulation Solutions in Ixonia, Wisconsin used solid corrugated pipe to connect the filter cover to a plate he created to finish the connections through the floor of his truck.

He used a 4″ piece of exhaust pipe and welded it to a flange which he screwed into the floor of his truck. He then used hose clamps to hold the corrugated pipe in place.

Solution 2: Steve Eckman with Green Collar in New Hampshire came up with a clean way to help their CM2400 breathe clean air through the floor of their truck. Here are the materials he used:

  • 5″ hole saw
  • 4″ corrugated pipe
  • 4×4 ABS coupling
  • 4″ trap guard for underneath truck
  • Duct Tape and Hose Clamps: Steve wrapped the 4″ outlet from the machine with two layers of duct tape to give better friction for the corrugated pipe.