Giving Your Insulation Business the Clear Advantage

cheetahWe are in the business of helping your business. From the start-up company or the established company that wants to expand their offerings, we want to help! What are we doing to help insulation companies?

Purchasing the RIGHT Equipment

We get a few inquiries about the cost of the largest machines we offer, only to learn that the contractor is interested in insulating smaller homes. On the flip-side, we have contractors ask us for our most inexpensive machines. In fact, our most inexpensive machines are not much cheaper than a more productive contractor model. Our commitment to you is to sell you the RIGHT machine for YOUR purposes.

On-site Training

We fly and drive to your location to help you on a job site. Whether you are doing wall spray cellulose, glue spray, dense packing or want us to train an entire crew on how to prep and blow an attic, we are available. The best training is done on-site on a real job. For a few hundred dollars, the training you will receive will be saved in dollars with as little as one job.

Over-the-Phone Support

Our machines are not difficult to use. In 99% of cases, we are able to trouble shoot issues over-the-phone. We have customers in all time zones and we are able to assist you 24/7. One of our customers was working on Mother’s Day (tsk tsk 😀 ) and we were available to help. We offer real help. You will speak with a contractor who has decades of experience and knows these machines inside and out.

Video Guides

Do you need a visual guide to help you maintain or fix your machine? We have a bank of videos, on-hand, to provide you with details from simple airlock seal changes to updating your old machine with air pressure gauges.

With, you are getting the clear advantage!