Top Ten Reasons to Purchase a Cool Machines Insulation Blowers

logo_medium Cool Machines Inc., manufactures a great range of innovative and advance technology quality insulation blowing machines. The company was founded in 2004 when Dave Krendl and Andy Schulte merged their expertise to produce some of today’s highly advanced insulation machines. Both Krendl and Schulte were formerly connected with Krendl Machine Company. Both have over 30 years of experience in the design and production of insulation machines.

Today’s line of “cool” Cool Machines has the scalping auger that is the company’s trademark. This technology presents a conditioning and fiber feeding procedure, packed into a compact insulation machine. Cool Machines is not all about hype. Here are the top ten reasons why Cool Machines insulation blowers are “cool”.

1 First, the company has a string of highly qualified engineers, industrial designers and highly trained and skilled professional staff to come up with the best innovative engineering designs. The company is managed and headed by two of the best qualified persons in the field of insulation machines.

2 Second, Cool Machines offer a great range of insulation blowers to meet the needs of consumers. CM1500 can process 1,700 pounds of cellulose or 600 pounds of fiberglass or 1,000 pounds of rockwool in an hour. The CM3500 can process 4,500 pounds of cellulose or 1,200 pounds of fiberglass or 2,200 pounds of rockwool in an hour. Between the two models are other blowers with varying capacity.

3 Third, Cool Machines are made to last. Each model is designed for heavy-duty work in any condition. All of their machines are designed to operate in 240v which is convenient for countries that have 220 voltage electrical current supply.

4 Fourth, Cool Machines are “user friendly”. It will not take a rocket scientist to operate the machine as it is intuitive. However, it is still best to read the instruction manual before operating the machine.

5 Fifth, Cool Machines insulation blowers are capable to process cellulose, fiberglass and rockwool. Not all insulation machines can process all three loose-fill materials smoothly and without glitches.

6 Sixth, Cool Machines has features that are not found in other brand of insulation machines. The scalping auger is patented under Cool Machine. The airlock access for quick release of hopper is a convenient feature. Manual control for thermal overloading is a protective feature.

7 Seventh, it has extensive electrical safety features such as override controls for quick response to hazards. Every equipment has a built-in voltmeter for swift electrical diagnostics.

8 Eight, Cool Machines continues to upgrade their products. Of late L.E.D indicators are added on input/output lights for quick diagnostics of control panels and motors. A built-in liquid-filled pressure gauge for calibrating machine pressure when the airlock seals fail is an added feature now.

9 Ninth, Cool Machines insulation blower machine offers the best value for money. Each machine is priced at affordable and reasonable price. For an entry level weatherization contractor, 2 to 3 insulation projects will pay for the machine.

10 Tenth, Cool Machines look great! Each model is aesthetically pleasing. Its black casing accented by its yellow logo and accessories make each Cool Machine a real “cool” insulation blower machine.