CM 700 Ultra Portable Insulation Blower

CM 700 Ultra Portable Insulation Blower

Ultra-Portability with Great Production!

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Whether you are a Do-it-Yourselfer or contractor, the latest in the Cool Machines insulation machine offers a very small footprint to allow flexibility to perform smaller jobs where space and maneuverability are key!

This machine is capable of installing 6” of cellulose and fiberglass in a 1,500 sq ft area in only 1 hour (950 lbs/hour)!

contact-pricingWith a 13 amp 3-stage blower running off a 15amp power supply, again, you will find ample power to run this unit! A 100 ft. remote cord is included. 175 lbs. This machine is not only capable of insulating attics, it can dense pack. It provides up to 4 PSI.

size comparison

CM1500 (left) Manufacturer, Dave Krendl (center) CM700 (right)

Key Features

  • Removable hopper.
  • Easy-to-carry base with swivel handles
  • Cool Machine’s Scalping Auger Technology to break up material.
  • Deluxe model includes remote control.
  • Easy access to auger assembly allows fast replacement of airlock seals.
  • 6.5 cu. /ft. hopper capacity.
  • 10” long x 8” diameter airlock


  • 17”W x 24”L x 48”Hdetails


Wireless Remote
Wireless Remote
CM700 hopper extension for plastic hopper
CM700 hopper extension for plastic hopper

CM 700 Production Rates

Material: Different materials may produce varying results.
Lbs p/hour: Based on industry-wide standards of 100' hose with 12' rise
Bags p/hr: Standard bags (lbs noted by material)
Sq Ft p/hour: Based on R-19 depth
MaterialLbs p/hr
100' Hose with 12' rise
Bags p/hrSq ft p/hr
R-19 depth
Cellulose (22 lb bag)950411580
Fiberglass (32 lb bag)400121550
Rockwool (30 lb bag)60020750