Insulation Machines

Used Krendl 2300 for $7,500

Purchased in March of 2009, this Krendl 2300 has only 20.7 hours on the machine! Located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This machine has one 240 v output. A hopper extension was added. Comes with 200’ for hose and connectors. Valued at $9,900 new.  

Used Krendl Insulation Blowers 2000, 500, Vacuum AND wall spray accessories ONLY $11,995!!

Nearly $30,000 worth of equipment for ONLY $11,995!! Used Krendl 2000 System Complete for Wall Spray, Open Blows, Retrofit Dense Pack, and Commercial Spray, Metal Buildings, Fireproofing, Soundproofing and Thermal Applications – New and Existing Structures! System will blow Cellulose, Fiberglass, Rock Wool, ANY fiber insulation – Wet or Dry! Value $9,100 Like NEW Krendl […]

Used Krendl 500 for $3,500

This machine has been babied all of its life. As a portable machine, this one has been left in a covered truck. Airlock seals have been changed every 6 months (more than necessary) and it comes with an extra set. 100′ of Mark II hose may be negotiable. Located in DesMoines, Iowa. Sold as is.

About Used Blowing Machines

The winter months prove to be the most difficult to find insulation blowing machines. We are aggressively looking for machines and will post them as we come across them. However, you may be interested to know that the Cool Machines on this site are VERY competitively priced. You may find it advantageous to simply get […]