Used CM350 with 2001 Freightliner

soldA complete, turn-key wall spray and vacuum recovery system with truck, only $69800!

Truck specs:

2001 Freightliner, 215 h.p. Mercedes engine, automatic transmission, twin 45 gallon tanks, approx. 170k miles on engine, 24 ft. x 8 ft. x 8 ft. box (non-CDL)with side loading door. Translucent roof for daylight lighting.

Machine specs:

Machine has a little over 1,400 hrs. on machine. Vac-u-lock and airlock have ‘new’ seals. We will install ‘new’ PTO belts and blower belts.

We would go over machine to be certain everything was job-site ready (turn-key), and offer 90 day warranty on the machine and water tank system. (No warranty on truck, but truck is in great condition. I believe there are some extras with this truck (extra pump and second wall scrubber). This system, alone, ran well over $70,000 (not including the truck!)

  • Availability with ‘no’ upgrades: 2 weeks.
  • Availability ‘with’ upgrades: 3 weeks.

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Used Krendl 2300 for $7,500


Purchased in March of 2009, this Krendl 2300 has only 20.7 hours on the machine! Located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This machine has one 240 v output. A hopper extension was added.

Comes with 200’ for hose and connectors.

Valued at $9,900 new.


Through blower used Krendl cellulose insulation machine, $1,000

2011-08-08_15-44-28_64If you want a small blower to insulate infrequently, then this is a great option! This Krendl blower works fine and the blower fan shows no wear. The machine has some surface rust on the bottom. External bearings are easily greased and maintained.

ONLY use this machine for cellulose. Rockwool and fiberglass will destroy the blower.

Located in Brighton, Michigan

Used Krendl Insulation Blowers 2000, 500, Vacuum AND wall spray accessories ONLY $11,995!!

Nearly $30,000 worth of equipment for ONLY $11,995!!

image Used Krendl 2000
System Complete for Wall Spray, Open Blows, Retrofit Dense Pack, and Commercial Spray, Metal Buildings, Fireproofing, Soundproofing and Thermal Applications – New and Existing Structures! System will blow Cellulose, Fiberglass, Rock Wool, ANY fiber insulation – Wet or Dry!

Value $9,100

image Like NEW Krendl 500
The compact Krendl 500H is an all-fiber (airlock) insulation machine that offers reduced weight and electrical requirements. With increased portability and many options available including shredder and double blower, the Krendl 500 H is a great choice for the small professional contractor who wants to use all insulation fibers with all applications (open blow or spray-on).

Value $5,500

image GV180 Gas Vacuum 18HP
Known for durability and high production, the Krendl GV180 vacuum is designed with a steel fan and chamber, powered by a rugged Briggs and Stratton 18HP V-Twin gas engine. This vacuum is intended for removing all types of blown insulation and for recycling wet spray.

Value $3,500

image Water tank & Hoses (not pictured)

Value $300

image Wet Wall Spray Accessories
2 – Krendl pumps
1 – Wall Scrubber
1 – Hose reel for spray hose

Nearly $5,000 value!

image Generac 15000 Watt Generator
30 HP Generac. 120/240V.
Will run both machines above at the same time!

$2,699 value!

2006 Freightliner with CM350 Insulation Blower and Generator

2006 Freightliner Business Class M2



  • VIN # 1FVACWCS86HW10741
  • 69,478 miles / Engine Hours 5846
  • Smart Shift w/ MBT 6-speed automatic transmission
  • New Tires
  • A/C & heated mirrors
  • exterior & interior in excellent condition

Cool Machine CM-350 (excellent condition)

  • Hours 1982 Machine will be sold ready to insulate attics or walls -spray nozzles -scrubber -All maintenance is up to date -new belts -hoses in good shape -fittings in good shape -baffles in good shape


  • MagnaPlus Synchronous AC Generator
  • Model #283PDL1507
  • Serial # LM-414368-0905
  • RPM 1800
  • 3-Phase 25KW 277/480 Volts 37.5 Amps

Contact Ben Hoots at: 478-808-6931

Used Cellulose Insulation Blower

soldThis through-blower machine works well. It comes with approximately 80 ft. of hose and 100 ft. of remote cord. It runs well just has rust.

Asking $800.

Contact Craig at 419-230-3552. Located in the Toledo, Ohio area.

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Used Krendl 500 for $3,500

This machine has been babied all of its life. As a portable machine, this one has been left in a covered truck. Airlock seals have been changed every 6 months (more than necessary) and it comes with an extra set. 100′ of Mark II hose may be negotiable.

Located in DesMoines, Iowa. Sold as is.


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Used Small Portable Insulation Machine $1,600

We are told that this machine was used 5 or 6 times then stored. There is no way to verify this. We purchased this from a contractor who did not continue insulating. We don’t doubt that it was used a handful of times. The clean appearance and excellent working condition of this machine verifies that this machine was hardly used.

This is a perfect, portable machine which handles cellulose exceptionally. NOT recommended for fiberglass. It comes with:

  • Tornado blower: An easy to maintain blower (just change the brushes from time-to-time)
  • Baldor Motor (1/2 hp) belt driven augers
  • Remote: Turns the agitators on and off
  • Variable air slide.
  • 100′ of 2″ hose in excellent condition: Black flex Mark II-style hose
  • Nozzle reducer for walls: 2″ to 1″ reducing cone
  • Wire basked for storing hose, blower and accesssories

We have used this style of machine for years. This is a VERY easy-to-service machine. Auger bearings are not sealed, allowing for easy replacement in the future. Brushes on the blower motor are easily accessed. The condition of this machine is very good. Slight surface rust on the bottom. However, the metal is sound and there are no holes.


  • Machine: 140 lbs
  • Wirebasket with accessories and hose: 60 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 225 lbs

Located in Davison, Michigan (Flint area)

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About Used Blowing Machines

The winter months prove to be the most difficult to find insulation blowing machines. We are aggressively looking for machines and will post them as we come across them. However, you may be interested to know that the Cool Machines on this site are VERY competitively priced. You may find it advantageous to simply get a new machine! Contact us for more information!

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