Flip Your Insulation Blowing Machine

Let us help you flip your insulation blowing machine! The Cool Machine brand is so popular that it is difficult to find them used. We always have people inquiring about used machines. Are you in need of upgrading from a CM1500 to a CM2400? Or, perhaps you already have a CM2400 and want to upgrade to a larger airlock. We can help you determine the fair market value of your machine and market it to help you move it fast.« Continue »

Used CM350 with 2001 Freightliner

soldA complete, turn-key wall spray and vacuum recovery system with truck, only $69,800!

We offer new setups like this one. Contact us today for below manufacturer pricing.

Truck specs:

2001 Freightliner, 215 h.p. Mercedes engine, automatic transmission, twin 45 gallon tanks, approx. 170k miles on engine, 24 ft. x 8 ft. x 8 ft. box (non-CDL)with side loading door. Translucent roof for daylight lighting.« Continue »

Used Krendl 2300 for $7,500


Purchased in March of 2009, this Krendl 2300 has only 20.7 hours on the machine! Located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This machine has one 240 v output. A hopper extension was added.

Comes with 200’ for hose and connectors.

Valued at $9,900 new.


Through blower used Krendl cellulose insulation machine, $1,000

2011-08-08_15-44-28_64If you want a small blower to insulate infrequently, then this is a great option! This Krendl blower works fine and the blower fan shows no wear. The machine has some surface rust on the bottom. External bearings are easily greased and maintained.

ONLY use this machine for cellulose. Rockwool and fiberglass will destroy the blower.

Located in Brighton, Michigan

Used Small Portable Insulation Machine $1,600

We are told that this machine was used 5 or 6 times then stored. There is no way to verify this. We purchased this from a contractor who did not continue insulating. We don’t doubt that it was used a handful of times. The clean appearance and excellent working condition of this machine verifies that this machine was hardly used.

This is a perfect, portable machine which handles cellulose exceptionally. NOT recommended for fiberglass. It comes with:« Continue »