Insulation Machines

Dense Packing Problems with Clogging?

One of the most frequent problems we troubleshoot is trouble during dense packing. It can be a frustration. Dense packing takes time and there is no real good way to make this process go fast. HOWEVER, there are things you can do to maximize efficiency without having to wait 10 minutes for each cavity. Use […]

Maintaining a CM1500 and CM700

The CM1500 and CM700 are simple machines to maintain and repair. With the quick release hopper and easy access to the sprockets and chain and to the blowers and agitators.¬†Cool Machines has made your insulation machine ACCESSIBLE and as easy as a “plug and play.” You will not need to take it to a special […]

Insulation Methods and Machines

Insulation Methods with and without a Machine Fiberglass No machine needed Since the 1940′s, fiberglass batt has been and continues to be the most economical system for insulating your home. When installed properly, fiberglass batts still perform just as well as newer products. Spray-in-Place Fiberglass / Cellulose Machine needed: Insulation blower with recycling capabilities Water […]

Sound Control

Sound Control The publications below provide a general introduction to controlling sound as well as technical documents showing how to construct a sound-deadening wall/floor system. North American Insulation Manufacturer’s Association produced a 10 page pamphlet introducing the homeowner to sound control. Includes information on STCs (Sound Transmission Classes) and ways to improve the sound control […]

Sound Control for Floor Systems

Sound Control for Floor Systems Internal sound control has become more and more important. While sound control for apartment acomplexes has always been Sound Control Standard Install fiberglass batt or blown cellulose (A) in floor system. 6″ batt or cellulose depth ¬†(A) will muffle footsteps above and make loud speech faintly heard and conversational speech […]

Maintaining Your CM2400

This article and video shows a general maintenance routing on a CM2400. This unit has not been cleaned in THREE years (NOT recommended *smiley*). This machine has been abused and yet, its durability has withstood many hours of commercial work. The following are the main items to inspect, clean and maintain. Please note: While the […]

Dense Packing Techniques and Equipment

Dense Packing a wall, ceiling or floor provide a superior insulation performance. The density helps eliminate leaks and better controls the loss of heat and cool. Dense Packing Walls Dense packing existing walls is a traditional, time-proven technique to increasing thermal performance. Retrofitting does not always involve removing the interior drywall/plaster. Drilling a hole in […]

Maintaining a CM1500

The Cool Machine is designed to be fixed easily with minor mechanical skills. This ease will help you, as a contractor, minimize equipment down-time in the field. Also, there is hardly ever a need for you to send your equipment away to a service center. This article describes the typical maintenance scenario of our machines. […]

Dense Packing the Correct Way

As the economy dips and gas prices rise, more people choose to enhance the insulation in their existing homes rather than purchasing new homes. Government credits and utility company discounts give homeowners an opportunity to afford adding more insulation. Not all insulating techniques result in the same performance. This article addresses two different techniques related […]